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Spoon and porridge

The Muncher Titanium Multi Utensil

This genius little titanium multi utensil it the lightest and most functional camp companion you will get your hands on. Why take 10 different cooking utensils and camp tools on your next camping trip when you could just take 1? And yes, you’re not dreaming: this mega spork weighs a miniscule 20g (0.7oz) thanks to the lightweight aerospace grade titanium.

The Muncher does as much as pocket knife but with the added convenience of a deep scooping spork for gobbling a well earned backcountry feast. The spork and knife sections are both highly polished for an easy clean up, and the tough titanium doesn’t give off a metallic taste or smell like other metals. It comes in a hypalon pouch that can be easily clipped onto your backpack with the attached carabiner. If your wilderness meals need utensils to cook and eat them then packing The Muncher is a no brainer for lightweight backpacking and car camping alike.

The Muncher

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