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folded cutlery

Titanium Folding Utensils

With a combined weight of only 46g (1.6oz), this featherweight Esbit Utensil Set will be the envy of your camping pals as they pull out their spork that barely does any of its functions sufficiently. You, on the other hand, will be shoveling in your neatly curled noodles with the four strong prongs of your gorgeous fork, and the polished spoon. Slice up some cheese and apple for afters with the serrated edge of your oh-so-sleek knife and you’ll wonder how you ever fed yourself with just a spoon for all those years! Fold the whole lot up and you don’t even have the burden of packing awkward shaped utensils that pierce into all your other gear. On the Christmas list already? Good. They should be.

Esbit folding cultery

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