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Creek Cooler

Creek Kooler

Lazy summer afternoons floating down the river just ain’t the same without an ice cold beer to keep you even more refreshed. But when space in the boat is limited (or non-existent if you are travelling by inflatable tube), then the beer vs food dilemma has to solved. OK, you can stop sweating now. There is a simple and very cool solution to this problem: tow along the floating Creek Kooler. Not only does the dual walled container have the capacity for 30 12oz cans and 20lbs of ice, but it even has four handy cup holders on top to keep your floating freshments safe from spilling overboard.

With foam insulation and a water tight lid, the floating Creek Cooler is the ideal accompaniment to any summer picnic out on the water with loads of space for beers aplenty and a feast for all.

Yellow Creek Kooler

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