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Sand free mat

Sand Free Mat

Love the beach but can’t stand the sand? Yep, people like that actually exist. And if you think about it hard enough you may just realise that you are one of those people! Can you really say you like that feeling of damp skin sticking to dry sand? Of said sand grating underneath the seams of your bathing suit? Do you really enjoy it blowing into your picnic lunch and finding its way into your ears and up your nose? Well fear not sand haters. The CGear Sand Free Mat is here to save the day! With a double layer of multi weave technology, this magic carpet doesn’t repel sand like you might think, but it swallows it up and makes it disappear. And the best bit, is that it doesn’t come back through! Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Sand free sarnies here we come!

Close up of mat

Lady on mat

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