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Biolite Base Camp stove

BaseCamp Wood Fired Oven

As a standard wood stove, the BaseCamp provides its users with a sleek, very well designed piece of camp cooking equipment. And with a grill that’s big enough to to hold 8 burgers at a time, what more do you really need?! How’s about a power output to charge your devices while you cook? A USB light to help you see exactly how charred those burgers are? Maybe you want to boil up a post-BBQ brew while the fuel in the stove is still burning? No problem. The BaseCamp has you covered – this ain’t no ordinary wood burning stove. No sir. It is one of the coolest hot things we’ve seen in awhile, and we can’t help but love the techy side of this off grid heat generating, food cooking, light giving power source.

Wood stove with power

Power pack of Biolite stove

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