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Antique Edition Gold Scratch off World Map

Antique Edition Gold Scratch off World Map

Nomadic friends are super tough to buy for. Their minimalistic lifestyle means that most of the usual options are crossed off the list immediately. And one more travel journal may just drive them to stay on the road forever, which many may! But for those who you just know will be back for good at some point, what better way to help them tell their tale of lands afar than in map form? This super classy limited edition Antique Scratch off World Map is the perfect homecoming gift for your intrepid explorer pals. They can record all the best bits with pins, buttons and stickers, scratch away the top layer with the pick and even draw on it. It’s a huge 25 x 35 inches, comes in a protective tube, oh, and it’s gold coated too! Actual gold – honest!

Pins on map

US Map

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