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Climate Neutral Certified: 37 Outdoor Brands to Support Today

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Let’s be honest, though our intentions may be good, trying to buy eco-friendly products that are sustainably made is a bit of a minefield. With so many factors to consider, from air miles and production processes to packaging and materials, it can be hard to know how ‘eco-friendly’ our choices actually are.

As soon as you delve deeper, there seems to be many pros and cons to the sustainable options available, leaving consumers somewhat confuzzled about what to do.

Is buying second hand or not buying at all the only answer?

Thankfully, not. This year sees the start of an essential revolution towards sustainable business where companies can become Climate Neutral Certified. Clear labelling on products will help consumers understand exactly what they’re getting as a result of brands and companies committing to a positive climate future.

What is Climate Neutral

Climate Neutral is a non-profit organisation founded by Biolite CEO, Jonathan Cedar and Peak Design CEO, Peter Dering. Together, they saw the growing need for carbon accountability to be the new normal for responsible business. They created a means to measure and label environmental impact resulting in enlisted and committed brands becoming Climate Neutral Certified.

Climate Neutral believe that:

Brands, together with their consumers, can lead the transition to a low-carbon economy by placing a price on carbon within their business

Climate Neutral enables enlisted brands to measure their carbon emissions, purchase carbon credits to offset their entire footprint, and identify opportunities to reduce emissions.

The end result is greater accountability, a drive towards meaningful change and empowerment of consumers to make informed decisions that support positive climate action.

Climate Neutral Logo

Climate Neutral Label

Having a climate responsibility benchmark for companies and brands to aspire to will only have positive outcomes. The more brands that get on board, the more pressure there will be for all products to have a Climate Neutral label attached to them. As well as the huge environmental impacts this will start to have, it is also great news for consumers. We are able make informed decisions about purchases without being sidetracked by brands who aren’t stepping up to their environmental responsibilities.

  • Jacket with climate neutral label

    Look out for the Climate Neutral label and know that the brand you are considering buying from:

    • Measures their carbon footprint
    • Offsets the carbon they have emitted
    • Reduces their carbon where they can

It’s important to mention at this point, the many superb eco-friendly products and brands out there who are not Climate Neutral Certified. Just because they don’t have the certificate, doesn’t mean they’re not doing great things and working tirelessly towards positive environmental change. At some point in the future, we assume that these brands will become Climate Neutral Certified too. But in the meantime, take a look at some of our favourite eco-products and brands in our Eco section.

27 Climate Neutral Certified outdoor brands

  • Biolite Logo


    Products: Camping stoves, power and lighting
    Read more: Mission

  • Peak Design logo

    Peak Design

    Products: Bags, backpacks and camera gear
    Read more: Sustainability

  • Rumpl


    Products: Quilted puffy blankets for camping and indoors
    Read more: Committments

  • Kleen Kanteen

    Kleen Kanteen

    Products: Insulated bottles and food canisters
    Read more: Climate Neutral

  • Icebug logo


    Products: Shoes for hiking, running and everyday wear
    Read more: Sustainability

  • Miir Logo


    Products: Camp cups, mugs, growlers and bottles
    Read more: Mission

  • 22 Degrees logo

    22 Degrees

    Products: Ocean jacket
    Read more: Sustainability

  • Foehn logo


    Products: Technical apparel
    Read more: Responsibility

  • northxnorthlogo

    North X North

    Products: Merino neckerchiefs and neck gaiters
    Read more: Uses

  • Speed and sprocket logo

    Speed and Sprocket

    Products: Bikes and repairs
    Read more: Advocacy

  • Serius Logo


    Products: Gloves, hats and socks
    Read more: About

  • tread and butter logo

    Tread and Butter

    Products: Insoles
    Read more: Sustainability

  • Joob logo

    Joob Activewear

    Products: Outdoor apparel
    Read more: Environment Blog

  • Ombraz logo


    Products: Armless sunglasses
    Read more: About

  • Sensi Graves logo

    Sensi Graves

    Products: Women’s swimwear
    Read more: Sustainability

  • Hibear logo

    Hibear Outdoors

    Products: Insulated bottle / flask / coffee maker / tea infuser!
    Read more: Blog

  • thousand logo


    Products: Bike and skateboard helmets, gloves and accessories
    Read more: Environmental impact

  • Forsake logo


    Products: Footwear and some apparel
    Read more: For Goodness Sake

  • Graphene X

    Graphene X

    Products: Graphene 3-layer jacket
    Read more: About

  • Ambler


    Products: Hats and felt slippers
    Read more: About

  • Seek logo

    Seek More Wilderness

    Products: Hats and shirts
    Read more: Cause

  • fjord logo

    Fjord Lifestyle

    Products: Insulated bottles and bamboo cutlery
    Read more: Values

  • Ibex logo


    Products: Merino base layers and underwear
    Read more: Story

  • Twine logo


    Products: Cycling clothing
    Read more: Environment

  • Ornot


    Products: Cycle clothing and accessories
    Read more: Why Ornot

  • Enda_logo


    Products: Running shoes
    Read more: Impact

  • ZORALI logo


    Products: Outdoor gear and clothing
    Read more: About

10 outdoor brands that are committed to being Climate Neutral in the future

The following brands are well on their way to becoming Climate Neutral Certified, but due to recent events, they’re not quite certified yet. However, they are committed to becoming Climate Neutral in the future.

  • Sunski


    Products: Sunglasses
    Read more: Sustainability

  • Kammok logo


    Products: Hammocks
    Read more: Sustainability

  • All Good logo

    All Good Products

    Products: Sunscreen
    Read more: Reef friendly

  • Lifestraw logo


    Products: Water filters and filter bottles
    Read more: Doing Good

  • Human Gear logo

    Human Gear

    Products: Camping cutlery and portable eating and storage vessels
    Read more: Sustainability

  • Moonlight logo

    Moonlight Mountain Gear

    Products: Skis and headlamps
    Read more: Products

  • Kinfield Logo


    Products: Deet-free insect repellent
    Read more: About

  • Pura logo


    Products: Water bottles and filters
    Read more: About

  • Modl logo

    Modl Outdoors

    Products: Filter water bottle
    Read more: About

  • Shar snacks logo

    Shar Snacks

    Products: Organic trail mix
    Read more: About

For a full list of Climate Neutral Certified Brands visit

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