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Review: Camelbak Adventure Travel Pack

Woman hiking with Camelbak Adventure Travel Pack

A 26 litre pack for everyday use, hiking and travel with excellent eco-credentials.

Boasting a load of well-designed storage features, the Camelbak Adventure Travel Pack is a superb choice for the everyday adventurer and traveller. It’s also great for your more mundane carry needs like shopping, commuting and everyday use. But with enough comfort and support the A.T.P can deal with more demanding day hiking adventures with no problems at all. Plus, it’s got some impressive eco-credentials which might just make the price tag worth it. Is it “a pack without limits”? Read on to find out.

Camelbak Adventure Travel Pack: The stats

Best for:Everyday use, day hikes, travel
Weight:3lb / 1370g
Waterproof cover:No
Hydration compatible:Yes
Eco-conscious:Made from 100% recycled re/cor™ CORDURA and creates half the greenhouse gas emissions produced in traditional manufacturing processes.
Overall rating:

Features of the Camelbak Adventure Travel Pack

Back panel and shoulder straps

Backpack straps and back panelThe padded back panel is comfortable without bulk and integrates a Luggage Passthrough panel which slides over the handle of a roller bag. The shoulder straps are also lightly padded and feature gear loops which double as attachment points for the adjustable sternum strap.

Top lid

Backpack front buckleExternally there is a small fleece-lined zippered pocket designed for sunglasses storage. And inside the top lid is a second zippered pocket that’s a bit bigger. The top lid is secured closed with a metal buckle that can be cinched down for a solid closure.

Main compartment

Backpack front openingOnce you’ve opened the top lid, the whole of the front of the pack also opens via a button and zipper to allow easy access to the main compartment. Inside is a small zippered mesh pocket and a sleeve which contains a removable laptop sleeve. There are also two mesh stuff-it pockets on each side (internally), with elasticated tops for organising your stuff.

Side pockets

Backpack Water bottle pocketThe side pockets are both different. One has a zippered entry with a key attachment hook, an elasticated organiser and a mesh open pocket. It’s big enough to store a bottle. The other side pocket is designed for bottles, with an open top and a zippered, expandable side panel.

Compression straps

Backpack strapsTwo side straps on each side of the bag help to keep the bag cinched and stable. They’re also useful for clipping things onto or holding extra layers on the outside of the pack. If you don’t need them, they can be stashed away in small openings in the back panel.

Hydration compatible

There is an external pocket between the back panel and the main compartment which is compatible with a 3 litre hydration reservoir. This has a small hang loop and also a popper button at the top to keep it closed when not in use.

Hiker carrying backpack

Camelbak Adventure Travel Pack review

Camelbak’s tagline for the A.T.P (Adventure Travel Pack) is “a pack without limits.” A bold claim. And one that the cynic / diligent reviewer in me has tried desperately to pick apart! But having spent the last few months dragging it round on day trips, hikes, to the shops, to the beach, to co-work space and on weekends away it’s fair to say that there are very few limits to this pack. It’s comfortable to carry, even when fully loaded. It has more pockets and storage options than any day pack I’ve used in the last few years. And its design features make it incredibly versatile for a variety of uses. A really excellent choice if you’re after one pack to do it all… almost!

Of course, as you may have guessed, there are some limits to this pack in terms of what and who it’s designed for. If you want something super technical that will provide support, stability and comfort on tough day hikes, scrambles, technical approaches and backcountry snow riding days then this isn’t the pack for you. But it also doesn’t claim to be. Yes, it states that it has no limits. But we’re talking everyday adventure kind of limits. Not niche and specific expeditions that require specifically designed backpacks.

Man carrying pack in town

For the everyday adventurer, the only things I’ve managed to pick apart about the A.T.P is the main buckle being awkward to undo and also getting used to all the storage options! I love a good array of pockets and compartments. But as the pack is only 26 litres in volume, it’s taken a bit of adjusting to all the pockets. Basically, if you use all the pockets available and fill them to capacity, there ends up being fairly limited space left in the main compartment. This isn’t necessarily a design fault, as you’re still storing stuff in the bag, just in a more organised way than you might be used to! If you want to store bigger items in the main compartment then just be sure to get them in first before you fill up all the pockets.

Other limitations? It doesn’t have a rain cover. But it does deal with light showers pretty well, so that’s not a biggie. It also doesn’t have a waist belt. Again, for this type of pack it’s not really needed and would probably only get in the way for the majority of the time. I suppose a waist belt would open the pack up for use in more demanding situations like skiing or snowboarding when extra stability is needed.


The Adventure Pack is the most sustainable pack Camelbak has ever made. The undyed pack (this white one) has earned a Platinum Badge: the highest rating on the Camelbak sustainability scale. And it’s their first pack to do so. The dyed version earned their Gold Badge. Here’s why it’s done so well:

  • Pack body and bottom are made with 100% Post Industrial Recycled 210d CORDURA re/cor™ Nylon 66 which creates half the greenhouse gas emissions produced in traditional manufacturing processes.
  • Pack liner is made with 100% Post Industrial Recycled 210d CORDURA re/cor™ Nylon 6
  • Foam padding throughout is 50% recycled EVA
  • Soft pocket liner is made from 100% recycled polyester
  • Aluminum buckles utilized can be recycled at the end of the product lifespan
  • The undyed colorway is the most sustainable option as it uses less water
  • 100% recycled PE polybag used for shipping
  • Hang tags are 100% recycled paper, with QR code info to reduce paper needs, attached with 100% cotton string which is biodegradable

What I love the most about the Camelbak Adventure Travel Pack

It’s hard not to love the excellent eco-credentials that come with this pack. But I also love how versatile it is. The vast array of storage options mean that it really is suited for adventure and travel, as the name suggests. But also for everyday use too.

I also really like how deep the side bottle pocket is. Most of the more technical backpacks I’ve tested over the years manage to not quite get this right when it comes to bottle storage. When you bend over (to pick something up or do up a shoe lace etc), the deep pocket keeps any sized bottle (even tall flasks) well in place without them falling out.

What I don’t love so much about the Camelbak Adventure Travel Pack

There’s no getting away from the rather hefty price tag that accompanies this pack. Yes, things that are better for the planet tend to cost more. But isn’t it about time the industry started moving away from passing this “eco-tax” onto consumers?

Additionally, the main buckle is a little awkward to undo quickly, and as it’s white it also gets grubby easily.

Woman on beach with backpack


It’s pricey and there are a couple of minor things about the Camelbak Adventure Travel Pack that don’t quite tick all the boxes for me. Hence the 4 stars (and not 5). However, the eco-credentials make it a very appealing option for everyday adventurers, commuters and travellers who care about our planet and are looking for a unique, practical and highly versatile pack that is made to last.

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Disclaimer: Cool of the Wild received this product free in return for an honest review. We only recommend gear that we love from companies we trust and we are under no obligation to give a positive review. All thoughts and opinions are that of the reviewer and we are in no way influenced by the brand or company.

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