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The 6 Best Locations for Stepping up your Surf Game

Man surfing

Surfing has exploded. The last 10 years have seen the popularity of surf camps all over the world sky rocket. Travel to some of the globe’s surf meccas and it is ‘surf camp this…’, ‘surf school that…’ as far as the eye can see! There’s a good chance that if you’re reading this you have probably dabbled in surfing yourself and even spent time at a surf school or camp. And as part of the growing community of surfers who are demanding more than just beginner focused surf camps and poor quality beach breaks, you’re in the right place to find out where your next surfing adventure needs to be to make sure you’re upping your game on the wave.

Thankfully, there are a few companies out there who have recognised the need to help late beginners and intermediate surfers take a step up to the next level. Safari Surf Adventures is one such company that offer surfers unrivalled surf progression on trips to some of the best level appropriate breaks in the world. They’ve spent decades ‘researching’ these breaks to make sure you get nothing but the most appropriate tuition and guidance both on and off the water.

The best places to up your surf game

Jeremy Johnson of Safari Surf Adventures has been kind enough to share exactly where these great breaks are and why you need to be hitting them up if you are serious about getting your surfing up to the next level. Here’s what he has to say:

Man surfing in Portugal

Ericeira, Portugal

The sun soaked fishing village of Ericeira, perched high above the Atlantic breakers on Portugal’s central West coast is perhaps an unlikely choice to kick off this list. However, Ericeira is one of only 8 dedicated World Surfing Reserves globally, due to the abundance of world class waves that exist around this popular weekend getaway for Lisbonites. Ericeira is not where we would recommend that surfers learn the basics, but if you’re looking to step up into some fantastic intermediate level point and reef breaks only a couple of hours from central Europe, then this classy seafood hotspot is a sure bet.

Type of Break: Various – Slab/reef/point
Best time of year surf: September to November

Man on Safari Surf Adventure in Peru

Chicama, Peru

Peru has an astonishing number of waves and is pummeled by Pacific swell year-round, but it’s crown jewel is the point break that juts out from the small fishing community of Puerto Chicama. The point generates one of the longest left hand waves on our small blue planet, which has the capacity to break for over 1.5 kilometers! This vast, mellow wave allows rides for minutes long, rather than seconds, providing surfers the opportunity to progress much faster than normal, really getting to grips with trimming and turns.

Type of Break: Point break
Best time of year surf: May to September

Costa Rica Surf

Nosara, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a genuine paradise. The explosion in surf tourism here has been astounding over the last 20 years and while many of the beginner spots are busy year-round, there are still plenty of secret bays and reefs that can be found with a 4×4 and the right knowledge. With a little more surf experience and a local guide, surfing the tropical paradise of Nosara can lead to a love affair with this beautiful country.

Type of Break: Various – beach/reef
Best time of year surf: November to March

NZ mountain

Taranaki, New Zealand

Taranaki is a hidden gem of the surfing world, largely due to New Zealand being so remote and its waves being overshadowed by the southern Pacific’s abundance of fantastic surfing hubs. Nevertheless, Taranaki’s volcanic peninsular offers a fantastic variety of break orientations that suit changing conditions, meaning there are always good Tasman Sea waves to be found with the right local knowledge.

Type of Break: Various – Beach/point/slab
Best time of year surf: January to March

Indonesia sunset

Rote Island, Indonesia

Indonesia is a rite of passage for any surfer. It is probably the most wave rich country on the planet, consistently getting pummeled by Southern Ocean groundswell. Navigating Indonesia as a learner can be treacherous with the regularity of huge swell breaking over shallow reef. Rote Island’s orientation and mellow reefs mean that waves are smaller, emptier and more accessible than Bali and Java, which makes it our pick for surfers looking to step up their game and experience Indo.

Type of Break: Reef
Best time of year surf: May to August

Morocco waves and surfer

Tagazout, Morocco

Morocco is fast becoming Europe’s number one choice for Wintertime surf trips thanks to its reputation for consistent waves, sunny days and cheap prices. While Morocco offers decent beginner options in the form of beach breaks, the explosion in surf camps has led to choked spots and crowded beginner lineups when conditions are not favorable. The sheer number of fantastic right hand point breaks and accessible reefs means that surfers with a bit more experience, looking to improve and step up their game can find great options here under the right guidance.

Type of Break: Various – Point/beach/reef
Best time of year surf: October to February

For more information on how you can get on board a surf trip of a lifetime, check out Safari Surf Adventures. And before you go, make sure you’re surf ready with our these great yoga poses for surfers.

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