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Best Camping Mugs for Steamy Sips in the Wild

Camping mug and tent

Camping mugs are such a seemly unimportant addition to your camping checklist. An extra that you can live without, right? Wrong! Though you’ll certainly survive without having a nice looking, insulating mug that feels great to hold and drink from, having one only makes the whole camping affair all the more enjoyable. At least I sure think so! It just doesn’t get much better than snuggling around a campfire with one of the best camping mugs you can get your mitted hands on, filled with your favourite drink.

So to make sure you don’t just ‘survive’ on your next camping or backpacking trip, we’ve put together a list of mugs that you won’t be able to resist. Plus, if you’re not sure what kind of mug makes it onto our list of the best camping mugs — and therefore what you should be thinking about when choosing one — take a read of our buyers guide at the bottom of the article.

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">Klean Kanteen Camp MugRecycled stainless steel350ml (12oz)Yes$$$
">JOOB MiiR Camp MugStainless steel300ml (10oz)Yes$$$
">Dometic Thermo TumblerStainless steel600ml (20oz)Yes$$$
">Sea to Summit Cool Grip X-TumblerSilicone350ml (12oz)No$
">Bitty Big Q Titanium Mug (with Cutlery Set)Titanium450ml (15.8oz)No$$$$
">Hydro Flask Coffee MugStainless steel350ml (12oz)Yes$$$
">GSI Outdoors Infinity Backpacker MugPlastic500ml (17oz)Yes$
">Yeti Rambler MugStainless steel400ml (14oz)Yes$$$
">Snow Peak Double Wall 600 CupTitanium600ml (20oz)Yes$$$$
">Sea To Summit X-CupSilicone250ml (8.3oz)No$
">Hydro Flask Wine TumblerStainless steel295ml (10oz)Yes$$$
">Zyliss Cafetiere MugPlastic350ml (12oz)Yes$$
">Huckberry Choose Your Own Adventure MugEnamel475ml (16oz)No$$

Best camping mugs

Klean Kanteen Mugwoman camping and camping food

Klean Kanteen Camp Mug

Eco-conscious: Made from 90% post-consumer recycled 18/8 stainless steel, Klean are also a Climate Neutral and B-Corp company

Weight: 262g (9.2oz)

New to the Klean Kanteen range in 2023, the 12oz Camp Mug is hard to go unnoticed in the crowded camping mugs market.

Firstly, it’s an absolute delight to drink from. The lip is nicely rounded on the inside with a thin and delicate edge to stop your drink from dribbling down the outside! Plus, the matt coating feels decadent to hold.

Secondly, the slim lid fits on very snuggly and after an hour of not touching my drink it’s still piping hot (around 74ºC). The lid also doesn’t feel like you’re sipping from a baby cup!

But most notably, this highly aesthetic camping mug is constructed with 90% post-consumer recycled 18/8 stainless steel. This is the only camping mug we’ve come across, thus far, that can boast such ground-breaking eco-credentials.


  • Delicate lip – very nice to drink from
  • Good insulation
  • Eco-friendly
  • Very good lid


  • We’re still looking!

Find the latest price at:
Klean Kanteen | Amazon

Joob Camping mugClose ups of Joob camping mug

JOOB MiiR Camp Mug

Eco-conscious: JOOB is Climate Neutral Certififed
Weight: 245g (8.6oz)

If aesthetics are as important to you as performance then you need to wrap your cold mitts around this gorgeous JOOB MiiR Camp Mug. Complete with medical grade steel that is combined with Thermo 3D double wall vacuum insulation technology, the 300ml mug keeps your hotties steaming for well over 2 hours with the lid on. Though the lid doesn’t screw in, it provides a surprisingly good seal to prevent liquid and heat from escaping when you’re on the move. Plus, for every mug purchased, 6% goes to various environmental causes. Add to that the gorgeous outdoors inspired artwork and thin lip for refined sipping, and you’ve got yourself a mug that you’ll be wanting to use at home as well as at camp.


  • Looks fab!
  • Good insulation
  • Feels really nice to sip from


  • Like the Klean Kanteen mug, we’re still looking!

Find the latest price at:

dometic tumbler

Dometic Thermo Tumbler

Weight: 360g / 12.7oz

With the capacity to hold 600ml (20oz), the Dometic Thermo Tumbler is the largest camping mug on our list, together with the Snow Peak Cup. It’s the kind of mug that serial sippers will love, especially when it retains heat for so long. Dometic claims that it keeps hot drinks hot for up to 6 hours. We’ve found, however, that after around 5 hours hot drinks are still hot but much more drinkable and certainly not piping. Either way, this is pretty impressive for a camping mug.

Another big appeal to this double wall insulated, stainless steel camping mug is that it is dishwasher safe and the lid has a removable gasket for easy cleaning.

The main downside is that, although the press-fit lid seals pretty well for an non-screw top, liquid spills a little too easily out of the sipping flap on the top of the lid. Keep it upright where possible.

Find the latest price at:

S2S Cool Grip X-TumblerClose ups of Sea to summit camping mug

Sea to Summit Cool Grip X-Tumbler

Weight: 68g / 2.4oz

Building on the success of the X-Cup (below) for minimalist backpackers and hikers, Sea to Summit have created the new and improved Cool Grip X-Tumbler. With an extra 100ml capacity and only 23g heavier than the X-Cup, this collapsible silicone tumbler is a superb option if you like your trail drinks hot without singing your fingers! Though it doesn’t compete with the lidded, double wall insulated mugs on our list in terms of heat retention, it does a decently good job, considering its weight and size. However, it gives the non-insulated metal mugs a run for their money. More importantly, the heat protective fins on the outside of the mug prevent your fingers from being fried! Instead, enjoy safely wrapping your frosty hands around its warming comfort as you sip your morning tea. Bliss.


  • Ultra lightweight
  • Has volume measurments on
  • Collapsible
  • Deson’t burn your fingers to hold!


  • No lid
  • Heat retention could be better

Find the latest price at:
Sea to Summit | REI | Amazon | Alpine Trek

Bitty BigQ MugClose up of metal camping mug

Bitty Big Q Titanium Mug (with Cutlery Set)

Weight: 80g / 2.8oz (mug and lid only)

Weighing only 80g (for the mug and lid), this lightweight titanium mug from Bitty Big Q is the second lightest mug on our list after the collapsible Sea To Summit X-Cup. Featuring a lid and folding handles for packability, this is an ideal camping mug for lightweight backpackers who prefer to avoid plastic. But that’s not all. Its strong titanium construction means that you can also cook your soup or heat your coffee in the mug directly over a campfire or stove. Plus, this mug comes with a folding cutlery set that weighs only 60g, is stored in a small drawstring bag and fits inside the mug. The whole set comes in a mesh drawstring bag.

It doesn’t compete with the insulated mugs on our list in terms of heat retention. But it’s nice to sip from, and the lack of insulation means that it warms your hands up nicely, if they’re cold!


  • Very lightweight
  • Has volume measurments on
  • Folding handles make it packable
  • Includes folding cutlery!
  • Durable


  • Not insulated so doesn’t retain heat well

Find the latest price at:

Hydro Flask Coffee Mug

Hydro Flask Coffee Mug

Eco-conscious: Made with recyclable materials
Weight: 318g / 11.2oz

With a slender lip that feels delicate to sip from, and a wonderfully soft-touch finish to wrap your cold hands around, this stainless steel camping mug is the closest thing you’ll get to the comfort of a regular mug. With double-wall vacuum insulation and a press-in lid, the Hydro Flask Coffee Mug will keep hot drinks hot for up to 6 hours (providing you keep that lid on!). It is the ideal mug for lazy mornings hanging out at camp, or long nights by the fire filled with something hot and strong! Plus, its 350ml (12oz) capacity makes it a good option if the Yeti Rambler is just that little too big.


  • Very good insulation
  • Well insulated lid
  • Feels good to hold and sip from


  • A little on the heavy side

Find the latest price at:
Hydro Flask | Wildbounds | REI | Amazon

GSI Outdoors Infinity Backpacker Mug

GSI Outdoors Infinity Backpacker Mug

Weight: 99g / 3.5oz

The GSI Outdoors Infinity Backpacker Mug is the lightest of the insulated backpacking mugs on our list. And with a huge 500ml (17oz) capacity, it is also one of the largest options, along with the Snow Peak Titanium Mug. This lightweight mug is ideal for taking out into the backcountry without compromising on good insulation. This is thanks to the removable ballistic-nylon-wrapped cozy that keeps its contents hot, and the collapsible tarpaulin handle to save weight and space. The main body is made from tough Polypropylene plastic that is BPA-free. Tt comes with a secure sippy lid that has a closable hole.

As if all that doesn’t make it one of the best backpacking mugs we’ve come across, then the highly appealing price tag sure seals the deal!


  • Great value
  • Very lightweight
  • Good sippy lid
  • Large capacity


  • Not as nice to drink from as metal or enamel mugs

Find the latest price on:
Amazon | REI | Backcountry

Yeti Rambler Mug

Yeti Rambler Mug

Weight: 369g / 13oz

You’ve probably heard people talk about them, or seen them mentioned in your favourite outdoor magazine. But really, what is a Yeti cup? And why are they so popular?! Well, if you’re after something that is, in Yeti’s words, the “toughest, most over-engineered camp mug out there” then maybe you’ll start to understand. The Yeti Rambler is rust- and puncture-resistant, made from stainless-steel, has double-wall vacuum insulation and has a wide opening. The bigger and arguably tougher cousin of the Hydroflask Camping Mug. It is also heavier and has a larger capacity (400ml / 14oz). Plus, holding a Yeti cup in your hands just makes you feel so darn outdoorsy.

Other than the weight and capacity, the other key difference to the Hydroflask is the transparent lid that makes taking that first sip less of a gamble on whether you’ll burn your lips or not! However, the lid is not insulated like the Hydro Flask options, letting down the overall insulating capabilities of this otherwise top-class camping mug.


  • Tough as nails
  • Feels good to hold and sip from
  • Comes with a sippy lid


  • Not a great insulator without its lid
  • Lid isn’t insulated

Find the latest price on:
Yeti | REI | Backcountry |Amazon

Snow Peak Double Wall 600 Cup

Snow Peak Double Wall 600 Cup

Weight: 145g / 5.1oz

It’s lightweight, feels exceptionally decadent to drink out of, holds enough liquid to keep you hydrated for days, and is virtually bomb-proof. It also feels lovely to hold, and looks rather dashing, too! What’s not to love about this solid, double-wall vacuum insulated titanium camping mug? Well, the price. The Snow Peak Double Wall 600 Cup is most certainly not for the budget-conscious. But if you value long-lasting quality that will make every sip of your piping hot brew more enjoyable than the last (and have some extra cash at your disposal) then it is well worth the investment. The foldable handles make it highly packable and a superb option for lightweight backpacking.

It doesn’t come with a lid, which can be a negative for some.


  • Very large capacity — 600ml (20oz)
  • Good insulation
  • Lightweight
  • Highly durable
  • Looks and feels great


  • No lid

Find the latest price on:
Wildbounds | REI | Amazon | Backcountry

Sea To Summit X-Cup

Sea To Summit X-Cup

Weight: 45g / 1.6oz

This collapsible silicone camping cup isn’t going to win any prizes for keeping hot drinks hot for hours on end. Nor is it likely to win the hearts of coffee sippers and tea steepers on the quest for the perfect vessel for their daily brew. However, weighing in at a featherweight 45g (1.6oz), and packing down to the size of chunky (½ inch) beer mat, the Sea To Summit X-Cup is one of the best backpacking mugs out there for minimalist hikers, travelers and backpackers. Complete with internal gradient markings to double as a measuring cup, and with a 250ml (8.3oz) capacity, the stiff silicone cup also packs inside the Sea To Summit X-Bowl to really keep things compact.

There is no lid, and you’ll have to get used to sipping small cups of Joe. But the smaller the volume, the less time it has to get cold, right?!


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Collapsible
  • Highly packable


  • Small capacity
  • No insulation
  • No lid

Find the latest price on:
Amazon | Sea to Summit | REI | Backcountry

Hydro Flask Wine TumblerClose ups of Hydro Flask Mug

Hydro Flask Wine Tumbler

Eco-conscious: Made with recyclable materials
Weight: 176g / 6.2oz

If you’re after a camping mug that will satisfy the tastes of even the most ‘glampy’ of campers, then look no further than the oh-so-classy Hydro Flask Wine Tumbler. Though designed to slowly(?) sip your favourite vintage from whilst enjoying the luxury of fireside dining (at a proper camp table!), the Wine Tumbler is also a joy to drink coffee from. It feels elegant and refined on the lips (regardless of its contents), and sits so nicely in your hand(s) that you’ll not want to put it down! Like it’s more ‘campy’ cousin, the Hydro Flask Coffee Mug, it has double-wall vacuum insulation, is constructed of recyclable stainless-steel and comes with a press-in lid that provides excellent insulation.

There’s no handle, however, and you’ll have to keep your helpings of coffee, tea and wine down to 295ml (10oz).


  • Lightweight
  • Feels wonderful to sip from and nice to hold
  • Very good insulation
  • Well insulated lid


  • No handle

Find the latest price at:
Hydro Flask | REI | Amazon | Backcountry

Zyliss Cafetiere MugClose ups of Zyliss Mug

Zyliss Cafetiere Mug

Weight: 200g / 7oz

For backpackers and lightweight campers who need that morning kick with minimal effort, the Zyliss Cafetiere Mug is up there with the best insulated coffee mugs. It features double-wall insulation that, combined with the press-in lid, keeps the heat in very efficiently. Great if you like piping hot coffee. Not so good if you’re in a rush to get on the trail! But the best part of this durable plastic 350ml (12oz) mug is that is comes with a French press coffee plunger. No filters needed. And certainly no need to bring along any complex coffee making equipment. Plus, it offers exceptional value.

The main downside is that the BPA-free plastic doesn’t feel that great to drink from compared with metal or enamel mugs. But if you’re not fussy about that then it’s a surefire winner for coffee drinkers.


  • Includes French press
  • Has lid with sipping hole
  • Good insulation


  • Mesh filter can become damaged easily (but Zyliss will replace this if needed)
  • Plastic not great to drink out of

Find the latest price on:

Huckberry Choose Your Own Adventure Mug

Huckberry Choose Your Own Adventure Enamel Camping Mug

It wouldn’t be a complete list of camp mugs without the inclusion of at least one enamel option. Enamel camping mugs may not be the best in terms of heat retention. And there’s always the danger of scolding your lips if you sip too soon! But nothing beats the way they feel to hold, filled with your favourite drink, when sitting round a campfire on a cold evening. Plus, you can always pop the mug directly on the fire to reheat its contents if you need. This Choose Your Own Adventure Mug from Huckberry can hold 475ml (16oz) of liquid, has a fun, camping-inspired design, and will last you for many, many years!

Not so keen on this design? No problem. Take a read of our enamel camping mugs article for some other classic designs.


  • Lightweight
  • Looks great
  • Feels lovely to hold


  • No lid
  • Average insulation

Find the latest price at:

Mug held in front of tent

Important features of the best mugs for camping


The degree of portability you require from a camping mug largely depends upon the type of camping you are doing.

Car camping

Weight isn’t really that important, and nor is the size of your mug, really. But stackable mugs can be useful if you are camping in a group as mugs are not very space efficient. Sure, you’ve got a car to pile all your camping gear into, but space is still limited.


Low weight is key for those carrying all their gear out into the wilderness. And although some backpackers clip their mug onto the outside of their pack to save space, a mug that is collapsible and easily stored inside a pack is preferential to most trekkers.


If you’re the sort of person who always has a hot drink in your hand, a camping mug with good insulation is key. As much as enamel camping mugs are highly appealing from a nostalgic and aesthetic point of view, they’re not very good at keeping in the heat. Camping mugs with double-wall vacuum insulation are the best at keeping hot drinks hot. And they do a very good job at keeping cold drinks cold, too.


  • Plastic

    Plastic mugs are inexpensive and lightweight, and are generally pretty durable. However, they are not as nice to drink out of from a feel point of view as metal mugs. Plus, the plastic can make your drinks taste of whatever the mug last contained, or worse!

  • Stainless steel

    Most camping mugs are made out of stainless steel as it is highly durable, inexpensive and it does an OK job at not making your drinks taste of metal. This is arguable, and it really depends on how sensitive your taste buds are, as well as the quality of the metal.

  • Titanium

    Mugs constructed of titanium are mega lightweight, highly durable, feel awesome to drink from and tend not to taste of anything. They are also good insulators, like stainless steel. However, most titanium mugs cost a small fortune.

  • Enamel

    Wrapping your hands around an enamel camping mug filled with something hot and yummy just makes you feel great! They are an instagrammers dream, they feel nice to drink out of and they generally don’t take on any unwanted flavours. However, as they are single-walled, they don’t do a very good job at keeping drinks hot. Plus, their looks can degrade over time as the enamel chips off — though that kinda makes them even more appealing!

Man holding camping mug


Whether your mug has a handle or not largely comes down to personal preference. That said, there are a couple of practical reasons why you may or may not want/need a handle on your camping mug.

No handle:

  • Space saving for backpackers
  • Easily stackable
  • Nicer to wrap your hands around!
  • Saves weight


  • Easier to hold and sip from
  • Can be used to hook onto things for storage or transportation

Some mugs have foldable or fabric handles which addresses some of the above problems.


Aside from the extra weight (and washing up!), opting for a camping mug with a lid is almost always a positive thing. It helps to keep the heat in whilst you are carrying out other tasks. And it also helps to prevent spillages.

A few things to consider if you decide upon a mug with a lid:

  • Does it have a sip hole? If so, how easy/enjoyable is this to drink out of?
  • How secure is the lid once it’s on? If spillage prevention is more important than insulation then look for something secure, or even a screw top.


The volume of liquid that your camping mug holds is something to consider. If you plan to use your mug for soups and cereal then consider a large volume mug. Mugs intended for guzzling cold drinks out of should also have a large volume (unless it’s ice cold vodka!). If, however, your camping mug will only ever be used to sip espresso from, well, keep it tiny!


This isn’t something that everyone can identify with. But for many people the feel of a mug is more important that one might realise. This is a two-fold thing: how it feels to hold in your hands, and how it feels on your lips when you sip from it. If you’re someone who makes a ritual out of that early morning coffee, or savours every sip of that well earned ice-cold beer, the feel of your mug can be of great importance.


Finally, the best camp mugs are ones that aren’t too specific and can be used in many different scenarios. If you’re partial to car camping as much as wilderness camping then ideally your camping mug should be suited to both scenarios. The same goes for what you fill it with. It should good at keeping hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. We’re really not asking much!

Yes, choosing the best camp mugs may be more involved than one could ever have imagined! But if you get the right one for your needs you’ll love every sip you take from it, with thanks that you took your sweet time to decide.

Happy guzzling, happy campers!

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