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Best Camping and Backpacking Knives: Expert Advice for 2024

Camping knife

A decent knife for camping and backpacking is an absolutely essential item. Endlessly useful for mundane, everyday tasks, but also a potential survival tool. In some cases, even the best backpacking knife doesn’t get much use when out in the backcountry. But it should always be there, at the ready to step up to the task in hand, when needed.

Conversely, some campers and backpackers use their knife for everything, all of the time. From food preparation and cooking to wood cutting, whittling and first aid. The best camping knives offer versatility as well as peace of mind.

But with a gazillion superbly sharp and versatile camping knives available, it’s virtually impossible to figure out which is best suited to your needs. To help make things easier, we asked a bunch of outdoor enthusiasts and camping nuts to tell us about their favourite camping knives.

Summary of the best camping and backpacking knives in 2024

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ProductWeightBlade typeCost
Benchmade Griptilian 551-S30V110g / 3.9ozFolding (lockable)$$$$$$
Fallkniven F1150g / 5.3ozFixed$$$$$
Grand Way Pocket Knife125g / 4.4ozFolding (lockable)$
Honey Badger Drop Point Pocket Knife110g / 3.9ozFolding (lockable)$$
Leatherman Skeletool142g / 5ozFolding (lockable)$$$
Helle Fjellkniven200g / 7ozFixed$$$$
Morakniv Companion110g / 3.9ozFixed$
Buck Compadre Camp Knife201.3g / 7.1ozFixed$$$$
Light My Fire Swedish FireKnife94g / 3.4ozFixed$$
Cold Steel Survival Edge Knife80g / 2.8ozFixed$$
Gerber Compact Clearpath Machete530g / 18.7ozFixed$
Esse 4227g / 8ozFixed$$$$
Victorinox Adventurer107g / 3.8ozFolding (lockable)$$
Opinel Number 843g / 1.5ozFolding (lockable)$
Leatherman Wingman198g / 7ozFolding$$$
Ka-Bar BK2 Becker Campanion453g / 16ozFixed$$$

The best camping and backpacking knives in 2024

Benchmade Griptilian 551-S30V

Benchmade Griptilian 551-S30V

Recommended by: Jason Hitchcock – Founder of Survival Stoic

Weight:110g / 3.9oz
Blade type:Folding (lockable)
Blade length:3.45”
Features:Thumb grip on both edges plus free repair and sharpening

Jason writes…

My favorite all around knife for anything outdoors is the Benchmade Griptilian 551-S30V.

I carry one while hiking and camping, and have a second one that I have in my EDC. Between the two I use them for almost every utility task. They keep a good edge and sharpen easily.

I like to stay with the same knife so that I am used to how it feels and operates. This helps me not have to think about which knife I have in a stressful situation.

The handle has a textured surface, and the front and back of the handle has a raised texture for your thumb no matter which direction you are holding it. This really helps my grip when my hands are wet.

Find the latest price on:
Amazon | Benchmade

Fallkniven F1

Fallkniven F1

Recommended by: Leslie Gilmour – hiker and travel blogger

Weight:150g / 5.3oz
Blade type:Fixed
Blade length:3.8”
Features:Very strong, comes with sheath

Leslie writes…

The Fällkniven F1 is an excellent fixed-blade knife that is ideal for camping and hiking. It is a long-lasting and dependable knife with a sharp and strong blade made of laminated cobalt steel. The full-tang design adds stability, and the ergonomic handle provides a secure grip.

It appeals to me because of its versatility; it can handle a wide range of tasks, from food preparation to cutting through tough materials. The knife also comes with a tough leather sheath for easy transportation, making it an excellent choice for outdoor activities.

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Grand Way Pocket Knife

Recommended by: Rex Freiberger – Co-CEO & Editor of Gadget Review

Weight:125g / 4.4oz
Blade type:Folding (lockable)
Blade length:3.74”
Features:Has fire starter and paracord

Rex writes…

The Grand Way 6772 Pocket Knife is an excellent knife for hikers, and it’s one of the best survival knives out there as well. This knife has more than just a blade. It has a magnesium fire starter rod, which is a great resource for hikers/campers should they need to start a campfire. It also has a paracord handle which is perfect for gripping and stability, and it gives you some room for interesting paracord loops or attachments. It even has a whistle that hikers can use to signal help if they need it. This 3.74-inch, 420 stainless steel blade is also simply just well-designed, with an excellent spring-base locking system when you fold the knife back down, so it can be easily carried in your pocket or bag while hiking.

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Honey Badger Drop Point Pocket Knife

Honey Badger Drop Point Pocket Knife

Recommended by: Steven Zhang – Co-Founder & Editor of Lure Me Fish

Weight:110g / 3.9oz
Blade type:Folding (lockable)
Blade length:3.2”
Features:Ambidextrous action

Steven writes…

The Honey Badger is a visual feast for the eyes and it’s not just a pretty face. The knife has a satisfying weight and the scales are so grippy, making it a pleasure to hold. The flipper tab is cool though it doesn’t have the fastest deployment, but who cares?! The blade centering is around 55/45, which is totally acceptable. And, the blade lock-up is solid. No blade plays in any direction. Plus, the clip won’t cause any issues, even for those with medium to large hands.

Can you believe it? The knife came heavily oiled and super sharp right out of the box. I mean, wow! This knife is not just versatile, it’s a multitasking beast! I use it for filleting fish while fishing, cutting rope while camping, and for various other purposes. Plus, it’s not too heavy and it’s easy to carry around, making it the perfect companion for any outdoor adventure.

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Leatherman Skeletool

Leatherman Skeletool

Recommended by: Christine Borgfeld – founder of Off Grid Sense

Weight:142g / 5oz
Blade type:Folding (lockable)
Blade length:2.6”
Features:7 tools in 1

Christine writes…

While this product is described as a multitool, it’s essentially a hybrid of a knife and pliers. I love it because it’s light and versatile, the two tools I need most outdoors without the extra weight of unnecessary gadgets. I want a knife when camping and backpacking, but I find pliers are equally useful, so it’s the perfect tool.

I use the knife primarily to cut cords and tie wraps, cut tape for blisters and gear repairs, open food packaging and cut food like summer sausage. The pliers are useful for gripping the end of very short cords for tying knots, tightening tie wraps, removing splinters, and loosening stubborn knots. I also use the body of the tool as leverage to loosen the becket hitch on my camping hammock without hurting my hands pulling on the thin straps: make a marlin spike in the line, insert knife body, and you have a handle!

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Amazon | REI

Helle Fjellkniven

Helle Fjellkniven

Recommended by: Andrew Latenko – travel blogger at RV Camp Gear

Weight:200g / 7oz
Blade type:Fixed
Blade length:3.9”
Features:Handmade birchwood handle

Andrew writes…

My favourite knife for camping and hiking is the Helle Fjellkniven Fixed Blade Knife. This knife has been my go-to knife for all my outdoor adventures for years. The Helle Fjellkniven is a great all-around knife. It’s made of triple-laminated stainless steel, giving it exceptional strength and durability. It boasts a full-tang design and a comfortable handle made of curly birch, which makes it easy to grip even when wet. The drop-point blade is razor-sharp and perfect for slicing and chopping.

What I love most about the Helle Fjellkniven, however, is its versatility. It’s just as useful for preparing meals as it is for cutting rope. I also appreciate its ruggedness and durability – it keeps a sharp edge even after a lot of use in harsh conditions.

I use my Helle Fjellkniven for just about every task imaginable while camping and hiking. It’s great for slicing up dinner ingredients, cutting down branches for firewood, and even for self-defence, if necessary. I also use it for whittling wood, making feather sticks, and carving stakes into the ground.

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Amazon | Helle

Morakniv Companion

Morakniv Companion

Recommended by: Balaram Thapa – mountain guide and director of Nepal Hiking Team

Weight:110g / 3.9oz
Blade type:Fixed
Blade length:4.1”
Features:Comes with sheath

Balaram writes…

I love this knife because it is incredibly durable, reliable, and lightweight. It features a razor-sharp, 4″ stainless steel blade that easily cuts through thicker materials and holds its edge remarkably well. I use it mostly for cutting straps, rope, shelters, and other backpacking essentials.

The best feature of this knife is the ergonomic handle which provides a secure and comfortable grip. Additionally, the included plastic sheath comes with a belt clip, making it easy to access the knife whenever needed.

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Buck Compadre Camp Knife

Buck Compadre Camp Knife

Recommended by: Joey Holmes — Editor of Cool of the Wild

Weight:201.3g / 7.1oz
Blade type:Fixed
Blade length:4.5″
Features:Comes with a leather locking sheath

Joey writes…

Though I always favour my Swiss Army Knife when hiking and backpacking, when camping it’s the Buck Compadre that wins every time. I use it most for camp cooking: it makes me actually look like I have some skills when it comes to fish gutting and filleting! It’s also superb at tackling less delicate jobs like stripping branches for firewood, cutting ropes and sharpening wooden stakes etc. The full tang design of the knife gives it a ton of stability that is reliable when it really matters. And the mega tough high carbon blade retains sharpness for an age.

Carrying it on my belt in its leather sheath makes be feel kind of badass, but it’s also a highly convenient way to keep it with you. I even use it in the garden! Sensibly, the sheath has a locking strap to keep it in place.

The Compadre is the kind of knife that I will have forever. And although it certainly isn’t a cheap knife, its quality and reliability certainly makes it worth the extra spend.

Find the latest price at:
Whitby and Co | Amazon

Light My Fire Swedish FireKnife

Light My Fire Swedish FireKnife

Recommended by: TJ Fraser — longtime backpacker and hiker

Weight:94g / 3.4oz
Blade type:Fixed
Blade length:3.75”
Features:Includes fire starter that twist-locks into handle

TJ writes…

When you’re putting in big miles on the trail, pack weight becomes a real issue. Like they say – “ounces becomes pounds.” And while a knife is my least-used piece of gear there have been times it’s come in very handy. Like a first-aid kit, you have to consider “What If?” So my choice is the Light My Fire Swedish Knife by Mora Knives. It’s a 3.75” fixed blade and includes a lightweight sheath and, wisely, a magnesium alloy ferro rod that shoots a very effective spark in case of lighter failure. All-in it’s about 3.5 ounces, which I can justify, especially given the crazy sharp blade which really holds its edge as well as the weight savings from needing a backup lighter. I wouldn’t choose it to baton thick wood but it’s great for tinder and even food prep. A well-made, popular piece of gear that will last.

Find the latest price on:
Light My Fire | Amazon

Cold Steel Survival Edge Knife

Cold Steel Survival Edge

Recommended by: Brandon Moses — hiker and camping enthusiast

Weight:80g / 2.8oz
Blade type:Fixed
Blade length:5”
Features:Handle holds survival items

Brandon writes…

I love this knife because it’s sturdy, affordable and has a multitude of functions. The best feature of this knife is that the handle has a removable cap on the end allowing for storage of survival items inside of that cavity. Also, if empty, the knife can be converted to a hunting or fishing spear by inserting a wooden pole into the handle and fastening that with some kind of rope. I use it mostly for fire starting with the flint that’s in the small side compartment of the sheath.

Find the latest price on:
Springfields | Amazon

Gerber Compact Clearpath Machete

Gerber Compact Clearpath Machete

Recommended by: Ron Humes — Owner of Offroad Tracks, outdoor enthusiast and gadget geek

Weight:530g / 18.7oz
Blade type:Fixed
Blade length:11”
Features:Dual-sided blade includes crosscut saw edge

Ron writes…

Many of us like to get off the beaten path and explore. Once we get off there we may face a variety of challenges. Finding our way through the trails and finding our way back is just one example. Of the many tools needed when camping or hiking, a quality knife is essential. For everyday use around the house and the office, it is hard to beat a multi-tool knife like the Leatherman, but for camping, hiking and general outdoor activities, I grab a different knife. The Gerber Compact Clearpath Machete!

Common activities on the trail or at the campsite that require a knife include brush and limb clearing, stake cutting, firewood chopping or sawing, bark stripping, etc. These activities require a sharp blade that keeps an edge, a strong blade that allows swinging and striking, and an aggressive saw blade for cutting thicker branches. I have always found Gerber knives to have sharp blades that maintain their edge after multiple uses. The Clearpath Machete is incredibly strong for aggressive chopping and includes an equally important comfort grip and retaining strap to keep the knife from leaving your hand. The sawtooth backside of the machete is incredibly sharp and strong for cutting through relatively large branches. The knife comes with a very lightweight and comfortable carrying case and is very reasonably priced. Next time you head into the woods, give it a try!

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Esee 4 Knife

Esee 4

Recommended by: Dave Hastings — Outdoor enthusiast and own of Angler’s Ambition

Weight:227g / 8oz
Blade type:Fixed
Blade length:4.5″
Features:Removable handles

Dave writes…

If I had to pick just one knife out of (my huge collection) my all-time favourite knife would have to be the Esee 4. I’ve had the knife for 5 years now and I love it to death! I have done terrible things to it, and it has taken everything I’ve thrown at it with no degradation in performance. It is one of the most versatile knives I own and there is literally nothing it cannot do. It is not too small or too big. It is tough, made from high quality steel, the perfect heat treatment, and easy to sharpen (feels like a razor’s edge when sharpened correctly).

It’s the only knife I leave the house with. I use it for batoning wood, filleting fish, as can opener, food prep, game cleaning, as a razor and sometimes even as a mirror! There is literally nothing it can’t do.

My favourite feature is perhaps the least obvious one, it gives me peace of mind! It is small enough, when carried correctly, that you don’t feel you’re carrying it at all. But subconsciously you’re assured that it will handle any task you throw at it.

I also love that the company stands behind its product with a lifetime warranty (not that you’ll need it) with no questions asked.

Find the latest price on:
Amazon | Esee

Victorinox Adventurer

Victorinox Adventurer

Recommended by: Jeff Carter — Director of Rock Brook Camp

Weight:107g / 3.8oz
Blade type:Folding (lockable)
Blade length:3.9”
Features:11 tools

Jeff writes…

A little bigger than the classic Swiss Army knives, this is the knife I carry when I can only have one. I find the tools useful in the most unexpected ways, and the medium sized blade is perfect for most camping and outdoor cooking needs. Its best feature is its versatility, and the quality of its construction. When it gets messy cutting an avocado, just rinse it off and you’re set with no worries about rust or corrosion.

I am the director of a summer camp, and this knife accompanies me on a couple of dozen camping trips with kids every year. I use it mostly for meal prep for the groups. Just this summer I used it to cut watermelon, slice tomatoes and apples, and chop peppers, for example. It’s ideal for this kind of use.

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Opinel Number 8 camping knife

Opinel Number 8

Recommended by: Rob Whitehouse — Cool of the Wild designer

Weight:43g / 1.5oz
Blade type:Folding (lockable)
Blade length:3.25
Features:Virobloc ring locks blade open and folded

Rob writes…

Though the blade is reliably sharp and vicious when it needs to be, there is nothing aggressive about my Opinel knife. The wooden handle feels solid and comfortable to hold, but it also adds some rustic charm to the knife. Granted, its small blade is the ideal size for camp cooking and food prep. But its aesthetics also make it totally appropriate to eat with, take on picnics or add to a camping cheese board. I also really love that the blade locks (both open and closed). This means I don’t need to worry about it when it’s packed in my bag or in my pocket, and I can also whittle with it without worrying about it closing mid-carve!

It is surprisingly versatile, despite its simple design, and I’ve never wanted for anything bigger or more full-featured on both backpacking and car camping trips.

Find the latest price on:

Leatherman Wingman pocket knife

Leatherman Wingman

Recommended by: Natasha Nuñez — former state park educator turned yoga teacher and blogger at The Artisan Life

Weight:198g / 7oz
Blade type:Folding
Blade length:2.6”
Features:14 tools

Natasha writes…

I basically don’t leave home without my Leatherman Wingman. I received it as a Christmas present about seven years ago from my manager at the South Carolina State Park where I worked for many years. It’s been in my bag or pocket ever since!

Although my husband and I love kayaking and rock climbing, we have a toddler so our outdoor activities are currently a bit more limited than they used to be. Our main outdoor activity right now is several trips a year to a remote rural property in West Virginia. There’s no running water or electricity, so it’s basically a camp out with lots of tree felling, mowing, and other property maintenance!

My Wingman is so important to me on these trips. I’ve used it for everything from a makeshift hammer to a cheese knife! I love how durable and versatile the Wingman is. I’ve used the base of the plier jaws to cut wire, and the serrations on the blade to cut through ropes and straps. I haven’t managed to dent, bend, or break it in several years of hard use.

Find the latest price on:
Backcountry | REI

Ka-Bar BK2 Becker Campanion

Ka-Bar BK2 Becker Campanion

Recommended by: Ryan Raskin — Category Director at Recreation iD

Weight:453g / 16oz
Blade type:Fixed
Blade length:5.25”
Features:Comes with locking sheath

Ryan writes…

I mostly use this knife when I go camping. I traditionally wouldn’t use it for a hike or at home since it does not fold up. For camping trips, however, it’s extremely versatile and I typically end up using it to help with the cooking. I can cut meat, veggies and sometimes will even use it to stir my Jetboil. Sharpness has been great and it has been extremely sturdy. I also leave this in my bag a lot which gets hit with bad weather and rain etc. and it’s still in great shape!

Find the latest price on:
Amazon | RecreationID

Things to consider when choosing a knife for backpacking and camping

Weight and size

If you’re looking for a knife for backpacking and hiking then size and weight is one of the most important features to consider. A knife is one of those items you should always have with you, but, like a first aid kit, often doesn’t get used. Therefore, the smaller and lighter it is, whilst still being functional, the better. There’s no denying that smaller knives have limitations, however, unless you’re relying on cutting wood for fuel in the backcountry, then a small knife or multi-tool will be sufficient in most scenarios.

Car campers, on the other hand, have the luxury of not worrying about size and weight. This means that larger, stronger, fixed blade knives can be thrown in the mix. Providing the knife is constructed well, longer blades allow campers to tackle bigger jobs like dealing with fish and game, or cutting small branches etc.

Camping knife cutting food


Most camping and backpacking knives are made from steel. The type of steel can vary a little with some knives being made from high carbon steel which is generally thought to be higher quality and lighter weight. That said, steel is a low cost and super strong metal, regardless of how much carbon is in it, making it ideal for use when camping and backpacking.

Folding or fixed blade

The best backpacking knife should be folding to save space, and to carry easily and safely. Ideally, folding knives should also have a locking mechanism to provide stability when cutting, to prevent them from opening up when closed, and to ensure users keep all of their fingers! Many folding pocket knives, especially multitools, don’t have locking blades, making the lockable Victorinox Adventurer a highly appealing option for backpackers.

The best camping knives are often fixed blade knives that provide greater strength and versatility for a variety of different jobs. Most fixed blade knives should come with a sheath, and many also have

Features of the best camping and backpacking knives

There’s certainly something very appealing about a super simple knife like the Opinel. It does what it needs to do, and does it well. However, I’m also a big fan of multi-tools, especially for backpacking and hiking when it’s unlikely you’ll have another, better tool for the job.

Regular camping knives (not multitools), tend not to have many extra features. But a few things to look for are:

  • Camping Knife sheath


    Every fixed blade knife should come with a sheath. These are usually made from plastic and are designed to protect the user when the knife is being transported or carried. Some sheaths have a secure button to fix the knife in position whilst others are designed to simply house the knife. Most sheaths can be attached to a belt.

  • Knife cross guard on the best camping knife

    Cross guard

    The cross guard is found on the handle of a knife where the handle finishes and the blade starts. It is designed to prevent your hand from slipping off the handle and onto the blade. Not all knives have a cross guard.

  • Knife carry handle

    Handle loop

    Most fixed blade knives feature a hole in the end of their handles to attach a cord or loop. This is useful to store your knife — hang it up or clip it to your backpack — but also to put around your wrist when using in scenarios where it would be a real inconvenience if you dropped it — like in a boat, or over the fire.

  • Knife handle

    Storage in handle

    Some camping and backpacking knives have hollow handles where small items (survival kit, firestarters etc) can be stored. This feature adds a bit more versatility to a fixed blade knife making it more suited to hiking and backpacking.

Whichever of this selection of awesome camping and backpacking knives you choose, be sure to use with care and thought.

Happy chopping, happy campers!

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