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Review: Aquaplanet Rockit Kayak SUP

Woman on Aquaplanet Paddle Board


A good value stand up paddle board with a kayak conversion kit that is ideal for beginners and casual use

If you’ve tried paddle boarding a couple of times and are keen to get your own board for more regular trips out on the water, the Aquaplanet Rockit Kayak SUP is an excellent choice. It has decent stability and goes straight well, making it ideal for beginners. Plus, the ability to paddle it like a kayak adds a huge degree of versatility that traditional SUPs lack.

Aquaplanet Rockit Kayak SUP: The stats

Best for:Beginners and intermediate paddlers
Dimensions:3m x 79cm x 13cm / 10′ 2″ x 31″ x 5″
Weight:14kg / 30.8lbs
Rider weight:85kg / 187.4lbs
Bag size:84 x 54 x 30cm

Features of the Aquaplanet Rockit Kayak SUP

SUP Storage

Gear storage

D-rings set towards the front of the SUP have bungee cords stretched between them to store enough gear for a day trip. If you’re travelling light then this is just about sufficient for storing overnight camping gear too. There are also additional D-rings on either side of the deck to attach the kayak seat. These can be used with your own bungees to store / secure extra gear.


SUP finsThere are two fixed side fins to help with stability. In addition to these there’s a removable centre fin to keep the board tracking well and also to help with turning. The centre fin fits in really easily and securely with a slide in clip to keep it in place. So far, I much prefer this system compared with the Bluefin fin system.


SUP materialThe board is made from quality high density PVC on the outside with fused drop stitch construction on the inside – the standard for most paddle boards. The double skin structure adds extra stability and there’s also a rock proof band around the edges for extra protection.

Grip deck

SUP D-ringLike most paddle boards, the Rockit is topped with a diamond cut crocodile EVA deck pad. This provides grip when standing and comfort when kneeling or sitting.

Carry handles

SUP handleThere are two handles: one is lightly padded, positioned in the middle of the deck and is great for carrying the board, and another non-padded handle at the nose of the board. It lacks a back handle which can be useful when hauling and carrying. However, to make carrying a little easier over longer distances, the package comes with a shoulder strap which can be clipped onto the side D-rings.

Kayak conversion kit

Woman adjusting paddle board kayak seatThe simple to set up kayak seat adds a huge degree of versatility and comfort to paddlers. The seat has a zippered pocket on the back and stores flat under the bungees when not in use. To set up, simply clip it onto the D-rings that run along the sides of the SUP. The package also comes with an extra paddle end to convert the long SUP paddle into a kayak paddle.


Paddle board bagThe backpack is designed simply with good carry handles, a large side pocket and padded straps. It lacks any kind of padding on the back panel making walking longer distances with the pack on your back a little uncomfortable.

Also included

SUP componentsAs well as the board itself, paddles, kayak seat, fin and backpack, the package also comes with a coiled leash, a carry strap, a repair kit, a dry bag and a pump with a pressure gauge.


Kayaking on a SUP

Aquaplanet Rockit Kayak SUP review

Created in 2017, Aquaplanet is a relative new-comer to the paddle boarding market. But in that time it’s become the number 1 paddle boarding brand in the UK, is an official partner of British Canoeing and has recently collaborated with Hurley to create a colourful range of higher end boards.

The latest addition to the Aquaplanet range is the 10’2” Rockit – an all-rounder paddle board that is the next model up from the original Aquaplanet Allround Ten. It’s designed for beginner use on lakes, rivers, canals and the sea and has the game-changing addition of a kayak conversion kit.


The Rockit offers everything you’d expect from a beginner board and scores some bonus points in some areas as well as some negatives, compared with other similar boards I’ve tried.

Tracking and turning

Firstly, the Rockit is not especially easy to turn. The lack of kick pad at the bag makes shifting your weight back for quick step-back turns a little iffy. Sure, beginner paddlers are unlikely to be attempting that manoeuvre anyway! But even just normal turning makes the board feel a bit like a tank!

The flip side of unresponsive turning, however, is that the board is pretty good at tracking in a straight line. This means that you can paddle for longer on one side before switching to the other side, and you won’t find yourself pin-balling from riverbank to riverbank as you try to navigate your way downstream!

The overall result is a board that is great for beginners to find their sea legs on but a little tough going to turn as they progress.
Woman on paddle board

Stability and rigidity

Laterally, the board offers good stability, especially considering that it’s a relatively slim board. This is an appealing feature for beginners, though an extra inch of board depth and width would certainly help in this regard.

Though the board is a step up from the Allround Ten in terms of rigidity, it’s still a little on the slack / wobbly side when you move forwards and backwards on the board or when cutting through choppy water. It’s much less noticeable on flat and calm water.

Ease of use

It’s a little heavier than other boards I’ve used that are similar sized, but the Rockit is actually surprisingly small when it is packed down and also very easy to roll into its bag.

When it comes to carrying it, the extra weight is countered by the very useful and functional carry strap. This simple addition to the paddle board package makes carrying the board much easier over longer distances. The strap simply clips onto two of the side D-rings and leaves you hands free to carry your paddle and a water bottle etc.

Additionally, the board is fast to inflate, taking only 7 minutes to get it up to 16 PSI.

Woman Kayaking on sup


If you’re the sort of paddle boarder who likes the challenge of paddling in changeable conditions, then I highly recommend opting for a board with a kayak conversion kit. Yes, there’s a degree of skill and satisfaction that comes with managing to stay standing and power into a head wind through choppy water. But if you’re that kind of the paddler then you should probably be opting for a more performance board.

However, for more casual paddlers who don’t want to be put off by a bit of wind and chop, having the option to set up your board in kayak mode can be a game-changer. Paddle boarding can become physically demanding and inefficient very quickly when it’s not completely calm and still. Set up your kayak seat and paddle, however, and you’ll suddenly find that your efficiency goes through the roof and your fatigue levels plummet. The result is a much more enjoyable and comfortable experience.

Additionally, the ability to change your body position for some folk, is an almost essential feature on longer journeys when fatigue can set in if you don’t move from a standing paddling position regularly.

There are certainly more versatile boards out there that paddle more efficiently and fast on longer trips and also can hold more gear for overnight trips. As a result, serious paddle boarders who want to progress and start pushing out the miles on the water will soon outgrow the Rockit.

For more casual paddle boarders, the Rockit offers enough versatility to be enjoyed for many happy years of pootling on the water.

What I love the most about the Aquaplanet Rockit Kayak SUP

It’s hard not to love the kayak conversion kit which adds a huge degree of versatility to what’s essentially a simple and basic paddle board.

I also really like the fin attachment mechanism which is easy to use and is very secure once it’s on.

What I don’t love so much about the Aquaplanet Rockit Kayak SUP

The lack of handle at the back is definitely something I miss. I will be adding a rope to the leash D-ring for lifting, carrying and hauling.

Additionally, the manoeuvrability of the board could definitely be better, especially if the board is intended to progress on and for longer excursions.

Beginner paddle board on the sand


Overall, the Aquaplanet Rockit Kayak SUP is a great little paddle board for beginners to gain confidence on. It also has the huge benefit of having a kayak conversion kit which makes it more suited to a wider range of paddling conditions compared with regular SUPs. If you want to get into paddle boarding with purpose then you may want to opt for a higher end, more manoeuvrable board to progress on. But if you’re happy pootling, playing and paddling short journeys on flat water then you can’t go wrong with the Rockit.

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